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Patch Notes 1.12

New Features

Battleverse Champions Store

We’ve done it, we’ve added a one-stop-shop for all of your victory-seeking needs! From the home screen, click the icon and check it out. So now how does it all work, you might ask? Players can purchase credits in the store and then use those credits to purchase ability packs. In the near future, we will be adding a lot more exciting items to the store, such as champion and weapon skins which we have been hard at work on, but wanted to roll this out and start getting feedback!

The exact chance of obtaining abilities from ability packs can be found by clicking the “?” icon in the store. For those who want to earn their rewards in game, fear not! You can still earn abilities at exactly the same rate as before from playing Casual or Vs. Bot, and you can still purchase specific abilities you want with Glory.

Ability Packs

We have streamlined all of our ability rewards into ability packs. The odds of obtaining abilities are exactly the same in an ability pack as the way you used to earn them through Casual or Vs. Bots.

  • As before, you can earn abilities from Casual and Vs. Bot with the same odds as before, we have just streamlined this into an ability pack.
  • Players can now purchase a single ability pack or packs of 10 with Credits which can be purchased in the store.
  • We will be adding a lot more ways to earn abilities, and we will use these ability packs as that method!


Vs & End-of-Match Scenes

  • A significant update to our End-of-Match screen is coming, but we gave it a makeover for now to help drive home a win or loss!
  • We have now added platforms to the Vs. Screen & End-of-Match screen. More to come on these 😉.
  • Players now earn ability packs instead of automatically rolling for the ability.

Bot Improvements

We have made our bots a lot better! They should now react a lot more like a human player and not fall for your clever strategies as easily as before. Some of these changes include better movement pathing, improved targeting and aiming, hazard and projectile avoidance and more! We will be constantly improving this area, so please send your feedback our way!


  • The Blind status effect now reduces auto-aim range.


  • Hugo’s engines are now fixed & produce exhaust! While less environmentally friendly, the universe is large enough that Hugo is not too worried.


See a bug? Report it in-game by tapping the “?” on the settings menu ! You can also let us know more by posting in our Discord in Bugs: #bug-reporting. Feedback: #feedback-and-suggestions Support:

Soft Launch Patch Notes 1.10

New Features

Champions, we are extremely happy to announce that Battleverse Champions is now available in New Zealand!


Introducing our newest playable champion, Umbra!

From a cold and corporate world full of intrigue and murder, Umbra is an assassin of near unparalleled martial skill and strength. With carefully honed agility her combat style focuses on misdirection, planning, and ferocity. Wielding a Chakram-like weapon, Umbra is capable of high burst damage and medium-range pokes. While defense may be sacrificed, mobility potential is heightened making player skill an ever defining factor.


Want a way to earn even more from your prowess in the Battleverse Arena? Now you can! With the introduction of this feature, players can now complete daily, weekly, and monthly challenges which reward glory (our in-game currency), champion abilities, and special foil edition of champion abilities!

  • On a daily basis players can complete three challenges, each awarding 5 glory. If you complete all three you can claim the daily award of 50 glory.
  • Every week, resetting on Sunday 00 UTC, if you complete 15 daily challenges you can claim your weekly challenge reward which is a random ability and 200 glory.
  • Lastly, resetting on the 1st of the month at 00 UTC, if you complete 45 daily challenges throughout the month you can claim a random foil ability and 1200 glory!

Vs. Bots Rewards

Players can now earn rewards from Vs. Bot matches. The harder the bot, the better the rewards! Do you have bad internet? We thought about that! Vs. Bot matches are played locally on your mobile device so you don’t have to worry about lag, allowing you to continue to earn your way to the top! Note you will still require an internet connection.


  • Combat text now scales the size based on the amount of damage done.
  • Bots are not less bot-like! More changes to come!
  • Champions now stand on platforms, floating in space can be so tiring.
  • We have now set the default resolution to 720p. If you have a badass phone you can increase this in our video settings using the “gear” on the main menu.
  • Trophy and Challenge toasts have been updated.
  • We added new trophies, and made some available to earn in the tutorial. Make sure to check them out in the Trophies section on the main menu!
  • Added Umbra to Vs. Bots.
  • Added coutdown sound effect to round start.


  • Added a new generic “slow” visual effect to make it more clear you’ve been slowed.
  • Updated the color of champion’s super meter.
  • All roots now display a common visual effect if you get hit by them. Roots prevent you from moving for a duration of time.


  • Hugo: Wildblow: Decreased the attack radius from 6 meters to 5 meters.
  • Takedown will no longer occasionally throw champions out of the map.


  • Made toxin effects more noticeable.


Make sure to follow us on your favourite flavour of social media and join our Discord for upcoming showcases on Umbra and her unique battle brand. Now, Get in the arena and execute what may potentially be the most challenging contract Umbra has ever taken on!

See a bug? Report it in-game by tapping the “?” on the main menu! You can also let us know more by posting in Bugs: #bug-reporting. Feedback: #feedback-and-suggestions Support:

Patch Notes August 6th, 2020

New Features

New UI

Champions, we have brought an entirely new look to our UI! Now when you load up Battleverse Champions you will be greeted with a whole new look and feel, along with some tweaks for getting you into the action faster.

New Tutorial

We have updated our tutorial to make it smoother, more engaging, and to properly prepare champions for battle!

We also added a friend to help you along the way, but we were hoping maybe you all could help name him? 🥺 👉👈


  • More UI and Reward sound effects! We hope someday someone will make a sick beat with them.
  • Improved the performance of some visual elements, such as the plasma hazard during a match. More changes are on the way!


  • Renamed Daze to silence. Silence skills prevent enemy champion’s from using skills for a certain amount of time, but still allows them to move.


  • Multi-part abilities, such as Hugo’s Grand Slam, now have an additional effect above the ability icon that indicates it should be used again.
  • The following status effects are now more clear with visual indicators above each champion’s head. This is still a work in progress, so let us know what you think.
    • Stun
    • Silence
    • Blind


  • Takedown’s visual effect has been dramatically improved!


  • Charged Shot: Increased the range from 10 meters to 12.5 meters.
  • Forceful Blast: Increased the range from 10 meters to 12.5 meters.
  • Quick Shot: Increased the range from 10 meters to 12.5 meters.
  • Rapid Fire: Increased the range from 10 meters to 12.5 meters.


  • Blinding Mushroom: Blind no longer fades between ticks.

Bug Fixes

  • Ability cooldown on ability icons now correctly display.
  • Fix to Hugo’s rocket punch impact sound effects getting canceled early.
  • Fix to Bud’s Vinewall description to properly state 5 damage per toxin.
  • Fix to Bud’s Toxin Spray description typo.

See a bug? Report it in-game by tapping the “?” on the main menu! You can also let us know more by posting in Bugs: #bug-reporting. Feedback: #feedback-and-suggestions Support:

Patch Notes July 20th, 2020

New Features

We’ve added tons of new combat, environment, and menu sound effects to Battleverse Champions!

Controls: Abilities now have aim assist! This aims the target indicator towards the opponent’s current position when quickly tapping a skill. This feature is on my default and can be toggled off in the options and settings menu.

Don’t be fooled, though! Remember that your opponent moves around, and skill will be the ultimate decider!


  • Increased lighting in the Forge and Gym.
  • Improved legibility of the Main Menu with lighting improvements.
  • Damage Indicators: Increased the size of combat text by 50%.
  • Combat Fly Text: Increased the size of the regular text by 88%, and damage over time text by 28%.
  • Fly Text: Decreased the size of the combat Fly Text by 36% so that larger words are smaller and to avoid wrapping.
  • Show Blocked fly text if rocket punch hits a guarded player and is cancelled.
  • Fix to show Immune fly text.
  • UI Buttons: Some UI buttons improved in preparation for new UI.
  • Lowered default volume of the game’s background music.
  • Android: Unnecessary permission request will no longer pop-up. We do not require or use access to your phone storage.
  • Made the ground darker in the Gym.
  • Dramatically improved networking and login, with more improvements to come.
  • Updated error messages to improve troubleshooting and issue reporting.
  • Decreased the rare ability unlock cost from 600 glory to 500 glory.
  • Glory (Common): Increased the end of match reward for common tier glory from 10 glory to 20 glory.
  • Glory (Rare): Increased the end of match reward for Rare tier glory from 30 glory to 50 glory.
  • Glory (Epic): Increased the end of match reward for epic tier glory from 50 glory to 200 glory.
  • Glory (Legendary): Increased the end of match reward for legendary tier glory from 200 glory to 800 glory.
  • Updated rewards with new visual effects.



  • Grappling Bolt: Decreased the damage from 20 to 16.
  • Knockback Trap: Decreased the damage from 25 to 20.
  • Displacement Shot: This ability’s projectile can no longer go through walls.
  • Charged Shot: Decreased the damage from 20 to 18.


  • Shrapnel Aura: Decreased the cooldown from 12 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Junk Charge: Increased the distance traveled from 7.5 meters to 10 meters.
  • Takedown: Updated the animation for this ability.
  • Guard: Updated the visual effects color to better match his other abilities.


  • Intoxicating Bolt:
    • Decreased the speed at which the projectile travels by 52%.
    • Decreased the direct damage from 3 to 2.
  • Essence Drain:
    • Fixed the description to state it does 1 bonus damage per every 2 stacks of toxin
    • Decreased the number of hits from 5 to 4.
  • Shield Bash: Increased the cooldown from 7 seconds to 8 seconds.
  • Poison Nova: Adjusted the description to be a bit simpler. Removed the ‘from you’ as it was already implied.
  • Blinding Dash: Decreased the damage from 20 to 15.
  • Rupture: Decreased the damage per toxin from 10 to 7.


Bug Fixes

  • Ability previews improved
    • Ability Preview: Bud: Rupture: Adjusted the timing so rupture will go off sooner
    • Ability Preview: Camera: Adjusted the player top camera min distance on the from 15 to 17.5 to zoom out the camera a bit more.
    • Ability Previews: Hugo: Exhaust Trail: Updated this ability preview so it will not be looping.
    • Ability Previews: Bud: Noxious Trail: Updated this ability preview so it will not be looping.
    • Ability Previews: Nika: Portal Trap: Updated this ability preview so it will not be looping.
    • Ability Previews: Nika: Tether Trap: Set this ability preview to no longer be looping.
    • Target bots will no longer defeat champions in ability previews
  • Added ‘Percent’ suffix to reward trophy multipliers.
  • Health bar: Fixed the health bar positioning to keep it centered
  • Issue fixed that would rarely lock players into VS screen when playing VS bots.


Let us know if you have any issues, need any assistance, or have any feedback!
See a bug? Report it in-game by tapping the “?” on the main menu! You can also let us know more by posting in Bugs: #bug-reporting.
Feedback: #feedback-and-suggestions