Patch Notes 1.14

New Features

Introducing Champion and Weapon Cosmetics!

We’ve teased it for a while and it’s finally here! Now you can descend into the Battleverse Arena in style with dozens of new champion and weapon skins. Currently all Common and Rare skins can be purchased with Glory (which can be obtained by completing challenges and completing matches, and earning spots in the daily Standings leaderboards) in each champions loadout section on the all new ‘Style’ menu. All Epic and Legendary skins will be purchasable in the rotating store section with credits.

Here are just a few of the many options…


The new and improved Forge arena is here!

Champions, we’ve given a whole new look and feel to the Forge arena, with much more on the way! In addition to champions arriving in style on new and improved platforms, we have increased playable space and given the arena itself an aesthetic upgrade. Check it out!



New Rotating store and free daily Glory

There is now a new section in the Store where you’ll find special individual items and bundles ranging from Common to Legendary that rotate out daily! Oh, and while you’re checking those out, don’t forget to claim your free daily Glory!



Last but not least, we have added app notifications. We know real life can get real busy, so allow us to help out by letting you know when to claim your free daily Glory and reclaim that daily top Standings leaderboards spot! Notifications status can be seen in the Help “?” tab in the settings menu .  Notifications can be turned on and off via your phone’s native notification settings in app permissions.


  • Simplified and streamlined tutorial to better help champions get ready for their first battles. This also includes some additional time in the gym to play with Nika’s abilities and get a feeling for them.
  • Logging in and loading times on the challenge screen have greatly improved to provide a snappier experience.
  • Fixed some typos and grammar mistakes.
  • Added audible confirmation to ToS/Privacy Policy acceptance and increased button sizes.
  • Fixed some error pop-ups to no longer show if a user initiated the action, such as cancelling matchmaking queue.
  • Updated lighting across the game on both the UI and in-game to better display champions.
  • We have lowered our memory footprint dramatically, which can result in some in-game models loading slower than before on menus.
  • Decreased power-up spawn timer in the gym from 10 seconds to 5 seconds.
  • Combat Fly Text: Increased the size and scaling on lower damage numbers.
  • Powerups: Changed the cooldown power-up from instantly resetting all abilities currently on cooldown to now applying a buff for 5 seconds which reduces all cooldowns by 2 seconds every second it’s active.


  • Auto-Aim: Adjusted the max range of auto aim from 25 meters to 18 meters.
  • You can now more seamlessly cancel abilities while moving.
  • Teleport abilities will now work more reliably when encountering potential obstacle.


  • Updated ability VFXs to add more depth and contrast, providing a better overall look and feel.
  • Added the correct foil effect for Umbra’s Dimensional Leap.


  • Fixed a few bugs around trap and decoy interactions during matches. Let us know if you run into any other issues!

Bug Fixes

  • Improved Ability Previews for a number of abilities on the ability screen.
  • Fixed various bugs involving abilities being interrupted.


We want to extend a warm thank you to the all of the players who have joined our discord and submitted bugs or provided feedback. We actively read and engage with our community daily so make sure to please hop in our Discord! 

See a bug? Report it in-game by tapping the “?” on the main menu! You can also let us know more or provide feedback and ideas by posting in Bugs: #bug-reporting. Feedback: #feedback-and-suggestions Support: