Patch Notes 1.17

New Features


Introducing our newest playable champion, Dyn!

Formed in a nebulae containing unique and specific properties over eons is Dyn, a being of ever-growing curiosity, knowledge, and mischief. Ever-driven, Dyn set out to the stars to find and collect purpose and what if found was a universe far stranger and more exciting than it ever could’ve imagined. It was in this spirit of that curiosity and playful mischief that it explored much of the known galaxy, becoming infamous for its capricious moods and mastery of energy. Eventually, after many lifetimes of experiences Dyn decided to find the one thing it never discovered in its travels: another nebula being. To that end, it joined the Battleverse Games, the first energy being to do so. Through the fame it earns in the ritual combat of the arena, Dyn hopes to finally experience that which has eluded it for so long: family.


Dyn is a close-ranged offensive elementalist which preforms devastating electric and sound wave attacks. Debuting with 19 abilities for dozens of unique builds, champion specific trophies, and it’s own bot-doppelganger Dyn is bringing a fun new dynamic to the Battleverse Arena. Make sure to follow us on Instagram for a Dyn showcase this Friday, April 9th!


New game modes: Free For All & Battle Ball

We’ve add two new game modes to the Battleverse Arena! You can access both of these new modes via the game mode select menu.

Free For All

As the name suggests, 4 champions will descend into the arena, and only one will leave. It’s every player for themselves with 2 respawn chances and the only goal is to be the last one standing! Set in the Oasis map champions will enter from 4 corners in a seek-and-destroy fashion, utilizing clever loadouts and capturing power-ups to dominate their opponents.

Battle Ball

Also taking place on the Oasis map, the Battle Ball will spawn in the center and your goal is to hold the ball for the longest period of time. Holding the ball will increase the damage you take by 3% per second, and slow your movement speed by 1.5% per second. While you can attack and defeat other champions while holding the ball, it’s ultimately up to you to decide how you’ll prevail!

Updated UI

    • New and vastly improved game-mode select menu to get you in the arena quicker.
    • New versus intro and outro screens where you can check out your opponents load-out tooltips in an easy to digest way.
    • New end of match screen will now display a Glory & XP breakdown and introduce a rewards spinner for a chance to get ability packs.


‘Try It’ feature

Brand new to the Battleverse is our “Tri it” feature, which allows you to try any champion’s full range of abilities directly from the ability menu or the training gym. Mix and match to find your best load-out combos before you spend your hard earned Glory. To access this feature from the training gym tap the in the top right corner of the screen, then drag and drop your preferred abilities into your load out. You can tap and hold to read each ability’s tooltip. To access this feature from a champion’s ability menu, tap an ability then tap the ‘Try” button on the right.



Queue with a friend

We are we well on our way to developing an integrated ‘Friends’ system and the first stop has arrived. Now you can share auto-generated codes with your friends to team up to dominate other champions or against them to settle a grudge match! Now available via the game mode select menu you can choose to host or join a game. Hosting will provide you with a code to give to your friends, and joining will let you enter one to join.

Hugo is giving the thumbs up sign next to a grouping of faceless figures representing friends. The text above reads join a friend, while the text below reads join a friend's lobby by entering their lobby code.



  • A multitude of improvements were made to the bot AI.
  • Stunned champions no longer capture powerups.
  • The Oasis map has received several updates for it’s foliage, lighting, the addition of a waterfall , and more!
  • Trophies and challenges that apply to Vs Bot game modes will now correctly track progress.
  • New UI sound effects, including ability cooldown, ability pack, and many more!
  • Updated tutorial based on new features.
  • Improved login and stability of casual games.
  • Updated notification text and frequency.



  • All champion health values have been adjusted.
    • Hugo: Decreased health from 240 to 210.
    • Nika: Decreased health from 210 to 180.
    • Bud: Decreased health from 250 to 220.
    • Umbra: Decreased health from 220 to 190.
  • The hitbox size of projectiles have been adjusted for many champion’s abilities, see below:


  • Rocket Fist: Slightly increased the size of the projectile hit box to be on par with other projectile. Adjusted the attack indicator width to match the actual width of the projectile.


  • Decreased the projectile hitbox by 20% and adjusted the ability indicator to match of all projectile abilities. (Charged Shot, Disengage, Displacement Shot, Forceful Blast, Grappling Bolt, Precise Destruction, Quick Shot, Rapid Fire)


  • Intoxicating Bolt: Decreased the projectile hitbox by 20% and adjusted the ability indicator to match.


  • Shadowstream: Fixed a bug which displayed a buff which would have been hidden.
  • Rolling Blast: Decreased the projectile hitbox by 20% and adjusted the ability indicator to match.
  • Staggering Halo: Decreased the projectile hitbox by 20% and adjusted the ability indicator to match.


We want to extend a warm thank you to the all of the players who have joined our discord and submitted bugs or provided feedback. We actively read and engage with our community daily so make sure to please hop in our Discord! 

See a bug? Report it in-game by tapping the “?” on the main menu! You can also let us know more or provide feedback and ideas by posting in Bugs: #bug-reporting. Feedback: #feedback-and-suggestions Support: