Patch Notes 1.18

New Features ~ Quality of Galactic Life Edition ~

Gameplay Changes

Basic Attack

Champions have been given the all-clear to start utilizing a new type of attack in arena battles: Basic Attack. In addition to the normal 4 normal abilities and 1 super ability, each champion now has a basic attack. Each champion’s basic attack is unique to them and has a much lower cooldown than any other ability, allowing you to get some supplemental damage in no matter how you build your loadout! See below for each champion’s basic attack ability details.

Additionally, the loadout UI during matches has been altered to allow for basic attack without adding clutter and maintain ease of ability use, check it out below.

  • Jab (Hugo) – Punch foes in front you dealing 7 damage.
  • Intoxicating Bolt (Bud) – Launch a bolt that deals 2 damage and inflicts toxin, a stacking debuff inflicting 5 damage over 10 seconds per stack.
  • Quick shot (Nika) – Quickly fire off a projectile dealing 6 damage.
  • Swipe (Umbra)– Quickly attack dealing 5 damage, if you strike from behind, deal 4 bonus damage.
  • Shock Blast (Dyn) – Discharge a electric blast dealing 7 damage in an area of effect.

Cast Bar

We’ve added a cast bar that displays the ability icon and depleting bar for the duration of the skill.

Status bar

We’ve added the name and duration of status effects on a champion. Silenced, Slowed, and Rooted will now show above their health bar in place of the player’s name.


The HUD during matches has been restructured to more clearly display what is affecting each champion during the duration of the battle.

  • Added a round timer and win widget
  • Buffs have a blue border that indicates status effect and time remaining.
  • De-buffs or detrimental effects have a red border that indicates status effect and time remaining.
  • Silence, Tether, and Slow icons have been updated to better match abilities and provide clearer messaging.
  • The type of status effect will show in the bottom right corner of the icon.
  • Stack counts will display in the bottom left of the icon.


  • Challenges are now completable in any game mode or game type
  • Challenge progress now shows at end of match

  • Bot improvements
    • More likely to go for the ball in Hold-the-Ball
    • Bots are now more aggressive and more likely to attack, chase, and hit you
    • Bot loadouts changed as a result of adding in the basic attack
    • All bots have been made more difficult, strategic, and challenging.
  • Hosting and joining a friend’s game now works with the Free-For-All and Battle Ball game modes.
  • Scoreboard improved to show timer and rounds won/loss more clearly.
  • Title screen now updated to show the entire Battleverse Arena space station!
  • HUD re-arranged to show champions, status effects, and health across the top of the screen for all game modes and types.
  • In-match silence visual effect added to match new messaging. ?
  • Foil effect improved for Foil abilities which are accessible via “Styles” on each ability.
  • There is now clearer messaging and visuals when defeated in Free-for-All and Hold-the-Ball.
  • Increase movement joystick size by 25%.
  • Minor improvements to UI across the board.



  • Narrative: Updated Dyn and Bud’s descriptions and backstory’s to be gender neutral.
  • Ability icons now more clearly show that they are on cooldown.



    • Jab: This ability has turned into Hugo’s basic attack.
    • Jab: It now has no cooldown and the damage has been lowered from 10 to 7.


    • Quick Shot: This ability has turned into Nika’s basic attack.
    • Quick Shot: It now has no cooldown and the damage has been lowered from 10 to 6.


    • Shock Blast: This ability has turned into Dyn’s basic attack.
    • Shock Blast: It now has no cooldown and the damage has been lowered from 10 to 7.
    • Spark Burst: Decreased the damage per projectile from 12 to 10. Decreased the range from 15 meters to 10 meters.
    • Tempest Grasp: Fixed a bug with the ability so that the attack radius is no longer larger then the visual effect.


    • Intoxicating Bolt: This ability has turned into bud’s basic attack.
    • Intoxicating Bolt: It now has no cooldown.


    • Swipe: This ability has turned into umbra’s basic attack. It now has no cooldown.
    • Swipe: The base damage has been lowered from 7 to 5 and the bonus damage when striking a target from behind has been lowered from 7 to 4.
    • Ensnare now correctly stacks with other slow or movement increases.

Bug Fixes

  • Oasis mushrooms will no longer rarely flash when moving near them.
  • Better aligned UI across different device types and aspect ratios. More to come!
  • Games will no longer sometimes be double counted for Trophies and Challenges
  • Various performance improvements in both UI and in-match.
  • Tutorial improvements for basic attack and other changes based on feedback.
  • Champion will no longer appear white during end-of-round slow-motion.


We want to extend a warm thank you to the all of the players who have joined our discord and submitted bugs or provided feedback. We actively read and engage with our community daily so make sure to please hop in our Discord! 

See a bug? Report it in-game by tapping the “?” on the main menu! You can also let us know more or provide feedback and ideas by posting in Bugs: #bug-reporting. Feedback: #feedback-and-suggestions Support: