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Battleverse Champions: Arena 3.0 Patch Notes

New Features Match details – Your post-match breakdown just got juicier! Now you can click the “Details” button on the post-match screen to dive into enemy loadouts, damage dealt, damage taken, and accuracy. You can also sort between Damage or Accuracy, and swap between each defeated champion. Check it out and min/max your way to […]

Battleverse Champions: Arena 2.0 Patch Notes

New Features Nexus Welcome to Nexus, the newest Battleverse Arena! Nexus was specifically donated to the Battleverse by one of Umbra’s richest benefactors in a show of extravagance, and is modeled after his corporate headquarters. Every detail is included, even the roof-top security traps which choke and blind intruders with anesthizine gas, so watch out! […]

Battleverse Champions: Arena 1.1 Patch Notes

Hey Champions! Last week we soft-launched worldwide on iOS with our new game Battleverse Champions: Arena (which you can read about HERE). Today, we’ve extended that release to the Samsung Galaxy Store on Android as well as Skillz™ platform, links below! Welcome to the Battleverse, everyone!   Download on iOS App Store Download on Samsung Galaxy Store Download […]

Battleverse Champions: Arena Soft Launch 1.0

Welcome champions! Today we have some exciting news to share with all of you. We are very excited to announce that we have now soft-launched our new game Battleverse Champions: Arena worldwide on iOS! This new version of Battleverse Champions will be purely focusing on competitive play via a variety of changes and brand new […]

Patch Notes 1.18

New Features ~ Quality of Galactic Life Edition ~ Gameplay Changes Basic Attack Champions have been given the all-clear to start utilizing a new type of attack in arena battles: Basic Attack. In addition to the normal 4 normal abilities and 1 super ability, each champion now has a basic attack. Each champion’s basic attack […]

Patch Notes 1.17

New Features Dyn Introducing our newest playable champion, Dyn! Formed in a nebulae containing unique and specific properties over eons is Dyn, a being of ever-growing curiosity, knowledge, and mischief. Ever-driven, Dyn set out to the stars to find and collect purpose and what if found was a universe far stranger and more exciting than […]

Patch Notes 1.16

New Features New 2v2 Game Mode & Oasis Arena Champions we are thrilled to introduce one of our biggest content drops to date! Starting now you’ll be able to battle alongside other champions in a new action packed way; 2v2! We’ve also hand crafted a brand new arena we’ve dubbed “The Oasis”, guaranteed to make […]

Patch Notes 1.15

New Features Updated Forge A brand new vibe has descended upon the Forge arena! As word of the Battleverse games reaches further and further across the universe, crowds have now begun to gather to witness the action live. Sponsors have also taken notice of these unique champions and thrown their support and sponsorship into the […]


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