Pick up and play the FASTEST 1v1 Arena Brawler. Experience instantaneous head-to-head competition between unique and powerful champions. Battleverse Champions is the only game on mobile where SKILL meets SPEED!
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    Choose and unlock powerful space gladiators who wield ever-expanding arsenals of earth shattering abilities and attitudes.


    Be competitive anywhere, anytime! Practice with quick unranked matches, play casually against friends or AI, and ascend the rank ladder in breakneck head-to-head online tournaments.


    Advance to unlock new champions, abilities, maps and more, relying on your skill and speed.


Nika hails from a sophisticated high-tech society that has a unique trait of ancestral memory. Her species has seen all the destruction that civilizations have caused, and they vow to live in harmony with their planet. Their people favor fighting using refined high energy bows, and leading their foes into traps.


Bud is more of a ‘collective what’ than a ‘who’ (or so it is thought). Its true origin is unknown, but what is known is that Bud is a very ancient multi-planetary hive mind species. Its sole drive is to grow and spread across the galaxy. Unlike other species that develop their technology, Bud has evolved to use powerful natural toxins to slowly drain its foes.


Hugo hails from a species of scavengers who mine doomed planets that are being pulled into massive black holes. He is a real underdog, as his race is looked down upon by more advanced civilizations. In order to prove his society’s might (and everyone else incorrect who looks down upon them), Hugo has built a pair of massive arms to smash his way to glory.


When you need to get something done with no questions asked, the galaxy turns to Umbra and her brethren. They are martial warriors who are famed for their skills in piracy, spying and warfare, and she is their fiercest warrior.



Patch Notes 1.12

New Features Battleverse Champions Store We’ve done it, we’ve added a one-stop-shop for all of your victory-seeking needs! From the home screen, click the icon and check it out. So now how does it all work, you might ask? Players can purchase credits in the store and then use those credits to purchase ability packs. […]

Soft Launch Patch Notes 1.10

New Features Champions, we are extremely happy to announce that Battleverse Champions is now available in New Zealand! Umbra Introducing our newest playable champion, Umbra! From a cold and corporate world full of intrigue and murder, Umbra is an assassin of near unparalleled martial skill and strength. With carefully honed agility her combat style focuses […]

Patch Notes

Patch Notes August 6th, 2020

New Features New UI Champions, we have brought an entirely new look to our UI! Now when you load up Battleverse Champions you will be greeted with a whole new look and feel, along with some tweaks for getting you into the action faster. New Tutorial We have updated our tutorial to make it smoother, […]

Patch Notes

Patch Notes July 20th, 2020

New Features We’ve added tons of new combat, environment, and menu sound effects to Battleverse Champions! Controls: Abilities now have aim assist! This aims the target indicator towards the opponent’s current position when quickly tapping a skill. This feature is on my default and can be toggled off in the options and settings menu. Don’t […]