Author: Tenacious Entertainment

Tenacious Entertainment announces Battleverse Champions!

We are pleased to announce Battleverse Champions, a new free-to-play 1v1 arena brawler coming soon to smartphones and tablets. Battle for fame and glory in intense head-to-head matches with fast-paced, hard-hitting action that rewards wits and skill for a truly satisfying competitive experience.

We made the Seattle list of 50 Startups to Watch in 2020!

Games just aren’t as good on mobile as they are on computers or consoles. Right? Tenacious Entertainment is out to disprove that assumption, and they have pulled in $3.3 million in funding to do so. The small gang of gamer developers is breaking the mold of pay-to-play models that dominate the mobile and tablet gaming sphere by aiming to create engaging, gorgeous games that are free to play and globally accessible. The company’s first launch is set for early this year. Game on.

Former ArenaNet game developers raise $3.3 million for Tenacious Entertainment

Mobile gaming studio Tenacious Entertainment, created by former ArenaNet developers, has raised $3.3 million.

The Bellevue, Washington-based studio was founded last year by CEO Roy Cronacher and other former ArenaNet developers. Their focus will be on creating a culture of creativity and collaboration, with an unnamed debut title slated for 2020.